The Dream Mapping Theater

The Dream Mapping Theater is group of international artists and researchers exploring the language of dreams through contemporary dream analysis and interactive performance. Led by Dr. Kelly Bulkeley and curated by Alisa Minyukova, the project aims to bridge dream science with the creative process, resulting in an ongoing series of collaborative art, film and performance works.


“Could Dreams be gateways into metaphysical realms in which our dream personas are no less real then in our waking lives? And if so, how could these personas be embraced and used as a source of infinite self-discovery?

This was the original question posed to a group of international artists who also happen to be immigrants, living in various cities around the world.
The creative process often takes us into the deepest folds of consciousness in search of the underpinnings of an already ephemeral reality. Moreover, the  path through obscurity is a familiar one for most creative people, so it is no wonder that such a question triggered an immediate creative response. Before we knew it, the Dream Mapping Theater was born. 
Guided by psychology, spiritual practices, and our professional skills as artists and researchers we have created a dynamic mutual process of generating new insight and spontaneous innovation. 



“You are engaging in madness. I feel obliged to accompany you.”
Alejandro Jodorowsky 
Victor Muteleksha Zambia/NorwayLana Nasser Jordan/Netherlands Kristof Persyn Belgium
Jennifer Cabrerra-Fernandez Mexico/Italy

Alisa Minyukova Russia/United StatesKelly Bulkeley United States